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Top 3 Benefits of HR Software for Your Business

From hiring the best talent pool for the organization to timely and accurate payroll processing – the role of HR has broadened to incorporate strategic resource management, career growth, employee retention, culture, policy formulation, etc. An intuitive HR software like PeopleCentral can add value to businesses of all types by managing day-to-day tasks and reducing overall HR management costs.

Know the primary advantages of using comprehensive HR software for your business.

1. Employee Onboarding and Self-Service

Onboarding new hires is an integral HR function, the effectiveness of which depends on employee satisfaction and retention. However, the process is time-consuming. PeopleCentral is an intuitive HR system that makes onboarding a seamless experience for both the HR team and the recruits.

The HRMS further aids in self-service where an employee can add/edit work details from a client’s location or home; check their holiday calendar and leaves; manage reimbursement details; track claim applications; update employee personal information; view payslips; and much more. This can help relieve the HR team from a range of non-core activities and allow them to focus on overall organizational growth.     

2. Payroll Management

Perhaps, effective payroll management is the primary reason why businesses invest in HR software. PeopleCentral’s Payroll Solution is a fully automated payroll administration system that incorporates electronic submissions, MOM and IRAS regulations, itemized pay slips, bank integration, and much more. Automated calculations and a wide range of functions in an all-inclusive system make it a simple yet powerful payroll management platform.   

3. Streamline Processes, Eliminate Errors, and Save Time

With HR software, businesses can set up clearly defined user permissions and roles, and a hierarchy that helps streamline internal processes. By eliminating paperwork and automating workflows, it helps standardize processes – saving time by collecting and storing all employee-related information in one place. Most HR functions can be accessed and managed via a single platform, which helps reduce time and costs.

Highly scalable and intuitive HR software like PeopleCentral helps automate the entire HR functions with just a few clicks. Stay connected anytime and from anywhere, and offer an improved employee experience.  


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