I am Abby - let me help you

I am learning and growing by every second if I am not able to help you today completely, please be patient with me, I will be of your help soon.

I am very young but been up to work from day one.

my motto is to keep learning & overtime I will Exponential grow my knowledge base.


You are my favorite, I love conversations and serving your needs.

Queries Answered

My likelihood so-called 'confidence level' has been above the predetermined threshold (90%).

Data Analysed

Employing text classifiers, suitable algorithms, artificial neural networks & natural language processing.

Steps of Works

See How I Do.

Put up in a layman language, I offer assistance similar to a human serving as a help desk, only better being available 24/7 all around the year, serving you even during holidays.

Building Intelligence

I basically employ four major parameters Text Classifiers, Suitable Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing (NLP). All of these factors contribute to my overall functionality and intelligence.

Thus being an efficient chatbot with the ability to offer relevant answers.

Confidence Level above 90%

I work by mapping out all the possible replies to your query and estimates how likely each of them is to answer. If the likelihood (so-called 'confidence level') is above a predetermined threshold (e.g. 90%), I automatically answer the query.

I repeat this cycle and keep the conversation going.

When I fail

When my confidence level drops below the threshold. I would apologize and invite a customer service agent into the conversation or performs another action like ask for contact details and promise that someone will get back to the issue.

For me another issue to learn & become more capable, thanks to your query.

Let's Say Hi!

like to work with

just drop me a line on how I can be of any assistance to you or your
company, they gave me a name and an email address too.