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Expense Management with Ease

ReimburseMe (REME) revolutionizes expense management by integrating WhatsApp's simplicity with advanced processing technology. Users snap and send their receipts via WhatsApp, and REME does the rest, from data extraction using OCR to seamless integration with accounting systems.

This streamlined approach reduces administrative overhead, speeds up reimbursement, and enhances compliance, making expense management hassle-free and efficient for employees and finance departments.


Problem we trying to solve

Founded by a team of finance and technology enthusiasts, ReimburseME is born out of the need for a simpler, more efficient way to handle expense reporting. We believe that expense management should not be a tedious task. With our innovative solution, we are committed to providing a seamless expense reporting experience.


Our unique selling point

"ReimburseME 's unique selling point is its seamless integration of WhatsApp for receipt submission, combined with sophisticated expense management software. This integration offers unprecedented convenience and accessibility in expense tracking and processing."


REME's Mission

REME's mission is to democratize expense management, making it accessible, transparent, and efficient. By integrating intuitive mobile technology with powerful backend processing, REME aims to eliminate the traditional complexities associated with expense reporting, thus saving time and reducing costs for businesses of all sizes.

With REME, organizations can empower their employees, gain better control over their expenditures, and enjoy a more streamlined, errorfree process for managing expenses.

Key Features

About - ReimburseMe (REME)

ReimburseMe (REME) is a cutting-edge expense management solution designed to simplify and streamline the process of submitting, processing, and reimbursing employee expenses. Leveraging WhatsApp's widespread use, REME allows employees to capture and submit receipt images anytime and anywhere easily.

  • User-Friendly Submission
    Employees use WhatsApp to submit receipts, making the process as easy as sending a message.
  • Automated Processing
    Advanced OCR technology extracts data from receipts, while AI algorithms ensure accuracy and prevent duplicate claims.
  • Seamless Workflow Integration
    Submitted expenses are routed through custom workflows for approval, ensuring compliance with organizational policies.
  • Direct Accounting Integration
    Processed data is automatically synced with accounting software, facilitating real-time financial tracking and reporting.
  • Secure Data Management
    This company adheres to strict data protection standards, ensuring that sensitive financial information is securely stored and managed.
  • Interactive Feedback System
    Users receive instant notifications and can interact directly with the system for submission updates or corrections.
  • Comprehensive Analytics
    The platform provides detailed insights into spending patterns, helping organizations optimize their budget & financial planning.

See How REME Works

Snap, Send, Settled: Transforming Expense Management with Ease.


REME Support

Our team has extensive knowledge of the REME cloud platform. If you need technical support and the solutions provided in the user manual are insufficient, you can call our agent at +65 62237996 or email our support help desk at to get the answers.