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Geo Fencing & Geo Location

Enterprise Co-Management, Inclusive of Cloud Geographical Assistance

Devise Your Ideal Enterprise with Contemplating Employee's Pride!

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Geo Fencing & Geo Location
Upscale Your Enterprise

Instigate High Profile Attendance & Project Scheduling through Geo-fencing & Geo-location

Specifying accurate and selected locations as per your employee's demographic data to ensure check-ins and outs from different locations without any fallacies via geo- fencing & geo- location

Feature Insights

Geofencing Mobile and Web

What do we provide

Featuring Your Requirements


Personalize your Geographic Periphery

Set your location regulations and allocations to allow people to work from various sites together in one place.


Secured Access

Inbuilt your enterprise with safety and security through two-factor authentication: 2FA integrated within the geo-fencing feature of time attendance system software.


Polishing Project Management

Customize your project schedules and management by selecting your geographical area and setting up geo-fencing regulations and allowances to choose the team to be involved in the respective project.

Comprehend Benefits

Venture Your Workflows With


Multiple Time Zones Clock- In & Clock- Out


Authenticated with Face Recognition Software


Auto-Sync with Managers Set-Up


Accompanied by Biometric Feature

Foster your Future with Experience

Forbidding limitations of geography to give your enterprise employees from all over the world with swift management

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"With reference to the payroll as a client we are satisfied with the software. Its very user friendly, easy to use & the support is very efficient. After the payroll has been install in the company our job has really been smooth & efficient."


Accounts - CKR Contract Services

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"PeopleCentral is a very powerful tool and i thank the PeopleCentral account manager for actively assisting me several times. The software is also regularly updated base on the requirements of Singapore law."

Lucas Seah

MD - Execllence Singapore

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"We are using PeopleCentral since year 2008 the year in which we incorporated Goodwood. It is running very well and it’s very user-friendly. We are satisfied with your support team as well. They are prompt in their responses."

Surjit Mehendale

A/C Manager - Goodwood Ship

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"We have been using PeopleCentral product for more than 4 years now. We are impressed with simple ways of processing payroll, bank & CPF payroll feeds and continuous updates to the system. Keep up the good work!"

Vishal Attal

Director - Kaira Global

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