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All About PSG & SFEC Grants

What is Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)?

PSG Grant is an initiative; the Singaporean government took for all Singapore's SMEs to access them with 70% funding for revolutionizing their enterprise and workflow management with new technologies. If SMEs access all the IT high-tech solutions and products from a pre-approved vendor of PSG Grant in Singapore, they can easily avail themselves of this benefit.

What is SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC)?

It is a step towards featuring credits to employees of an enterprise with scalability and efficiency. Under this grant, the government fosters to cover up to 90% of employee expenses for supportable initiatives. In other terms they will receive a one-off of $10,000 credited by the employees. The aim is to skill the employees towards productivity and enhancement.

Eligibility for Grants

Criteria to Fulfill

Eligibility Criteria for Productivity Solutions Grant

Check-box these Criteria to know your Eligibility-

  • Enterprise should be legally operating & registered in Singapore
  • Access to subscribed or purchased IT products or solutions that are used or processed in Singapore
  • Minimum of 30% of the shareholding on the local level for some selected products & solutions

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How to Apply?

Head start with the Process

Steps to Apply for PSG Grant

  • Pick an adequate solution for your enterprise from the list of supportable solutions
  • If you are looking for IT solutions: Connect with a PSG Grant pre-approved vendor and acquire your quotation
  • If you are looking for Equipment: First transit the equipment and then ask for the quotation from a PSG pre-approved vendor
  • The final step is to apply on the (BGP) Business Grant Portal. To access the portal, you must have a registration with CorPass account

Steps to Apply for SEFC

Just Keep- Up with your work.

No application processes are required to access SFEC Grant; as soon as an employee is found eligible, the SEFC teams inform them automatically, and the process is also conducted on its own.

Pre-approved vendor of PSG Grant Singapore Pre-approved vendor of PSG Grant Singapore
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