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Stories revolve around how an HR team handles conflicts, grievances, issues brought to their notice at work. While bringing in harmony at the workplace on a day-to-day basis.
We have created an Avatar/character called "Amy," the stories/situations revolve around her life at work or otherwise.
Each story brings out a unique situation the HR goes through and some ideal solutions to it, which is open to debate for all of us to learn from.
HR Work Stories
HR@WORK Story Series 001


Amy, an administrative assistant at a recruiting company quit her job without offering any explanation and subsequently applied for unemployment benefits. Some executives opposed her application on the grounds that Amy had left voluntarily and without making any formal complaints. But the HR director, wanted to investigate further before making any decisions.

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HR@WORK Story Series 002

New Hire Quits

Amy was offered an administrative job at a software company. During her first two weeks there, she got zero training because the person doing the same job was reluctant to cooperate,as hiring a second employee for the same job brought in fear of job insecurity.

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We at PEOPLECENTRAL believe that these stories are created and presented in the form of video with a single motive of understanding the crucial role of HR within any company and absorbing it and influencing other leaders including HR. As is it said Eye is the best camera, so we intend to present these stories in the video form.

We thought of bringing these stories to the world which can help leaders and other HR managers to inspire one another as well as for each working individual to understand that being in a HR position is not that easy. In this whole process we all can learn, grow and eventually expand as an individual.

The Stories revolve around how an HR manager/director handles conflicts, grievances, issues brought into their notice at work and brings in harmony at work place on a day-to-day basis.

Today, HR professionals take an active role in helping employees advance their careers. HR@work is a series of workplaces stories.This is an effort from PEOPLECENTRAL to demonstrate and show it to the worldthat working in HR is both challenging and rewarding.

The busier life gets, the more we appreciate a good shortvideo - something to quickly and easily sink into, so we intend to keep them as short.