5 Ways to Promote Mental Health in the Workplace

The enormous workplace stress has led to a significant rise in mental health issues. From burnout to bullies and poor communication leading to inefficiency, all of these causes have combined to affect the employees’ mental well-being. Moreover, it has hampered the productivity of work. However, it is all about taking a step towards the change. Here are five steps that you can practice promoting positive workplace vibes:

1.      Start A Conversation

It is an employer’s responsibility to look after the comfort and well-being of his/her employees. If you realise your employees are losing interest in their work or failing to deliver to their merit level, you should make a call and have a conversation with them. Besides discussions, encouraging employees and adopting policies to promote mental health boosts an employee’s morale and increase their work efficiency.

2.      Promoting Positive Vibes

Creating a healthy and friendly environment improves the mental well-being of employees. Simple things, like providing periodic break sessions, healthy food & beverages, flexible working hours, and carrying out sessions to understand how an employee is feeling help enhance the functional ability of employees.

3.      Having Outdoor Sessions

As an employer, you must push your employees to feel the nature, especially when they overburden work. The significance of leaving the work desk and strolling in the office corridor or team build up exercises promotes well-being and employee cooperation. You can also arrange for a yearly marathon or sports events to break the monotonousness of a workplace.

4.      Support Employees and Provide Resources

Providing support to employees with needy resources or funds help them open up with their mental and physical health issues. However, both employee and employer need to understand the illness to discover its proper cure.

5.      Peer Mentoring

Employees find it easier to discuss their issues with fellow members than the management. Being an employer, you can set up a peer support programme to allow employees to help each other. The employees can share their knowledge and skills in such programmes. Thus, mentoring support schemes can help any company to promote the positive well-being of employees.

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