AI and Automation in HR: Adoption and Future!

Artificial Intelligence and automation are empowering organisations to augment their HR capabilities, streamline time-consuming tasks and improve their functions. To add more value to their businesses, HR professionals are constantly experimenting with integrating AI into different fields of human resource management. Adopting AI-enabled systems and tools like PeopleCentral can help improve workplace learnings, stay compliant and build a relationship with employees.

The journey is still in its nascent stage but paves the way for a bright future.

Adoption and Impact

When it comes to use of AI and automation in Human Resources, the immediate benefits are obvious – improved user experience, operational efficiency and cost savings. But since the journey has just begun, the medium-and-long term benefits cannot be determined with certainty yet.

For example, HR professionals cannot expect to see great results in decision making, predictions or self-learning instantly with an implementation of AI and automation. Nonetheless, a growing number of forward-thinking organisations are adopting Artificial Intelligence because of all the lucrative opportunities it can offer in the long run.

PeopleCentral is an AI-enabled platform that enables organisations to manage all aspects of Human Resources – hiring, onboarding, learning & development, payroll system managment, timesheet management, leaves & claims, appraisals, and complete employee lifecycle management. We ensure seamless integration of our software into your HR system, delivering improved results in the long run.

Application of AI and Automation in HR

AI brings automation. From talent requisition to recruitment, onboarding, leave & claims management, payroll processing, appraisals, timesheet computation or scheduling – most HR functions can be automated by implementing PeopleCentral AI-powered systems.

HR assistant chatbots are also gaining more prominence in HR roles, such as streamlining the hiring process through real-time answers, interviewing, offering personalised learning and development, gathering feedback through surveys, and much more.

Future of AI in HR

Unlike the common perception that AI will replace workforce in the future, organisations are using it to augment HR functions. To save more time for deep thinking and business decision making, as well as improve productivity and performance, HR professionals are outsourcing tedious tasks to automated and AI-enabled software such as PeopleCentral.

In the future, automation and AI will have a remarkable impact on HR functions, offering a more predictable environment and operational efficiency.  

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