Current HR Trends: Increased Importance of HR within Organizations

With the prevailing “new normal” brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic, HR trends show a constant change over time. Therefore, we must understand the need for the HR department more deeply. But the question lies, what is the future of the HR industry? What is next in their store? To answer such questions, we must observe the current trends of how the HR industry is significantly gaining importance over the past decade and in this present scenario.

HR Trends In 2021

Let’s look at the reasons why HR is essential for an organisation: 

1.      More Diversification and Initiatives

Shaping the organisation for the future with new working practices and policies must be implemented. The latest HR trends are prioritising diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This initiative will facilitate the recruitment of new talents, increase employee engagement, and improve the overall productivity and reputation of the company.

2.      Technological Advancement and Automation

This pandemic undoubtedly calls for the need for improvement in technology development. It also calls for digitising and using virtual HR processes like remote recruiting and automated onboarding of new employees. Thus, the use of HR technology for recruiting and onboard operations will significantly elevate.

3.      Adaption of Long-Term Virtual Work

The rapid spread of the virus and government-mandated lockdowns has forced the business to shift from the traditional way to work from home. However, it will soon become a permanent part of the culture as it provides great flexibility for the employees to mould their work choices to fit their lifestyle. Thus, companies have to normalise long-term remote work with the implementation of new policies and technology.

More Emphasis on Employees’ Well-Being

Employees are more conscious about health and wellness in this situation. Therefore, HR staff needs to emphasise the importance of employees’ well-being and its impact on the business. They can do this by maintaining clear communication with the team and provide the best support for their good health. Transparency of the HR staff for a healthy work environment is one key factor that the HR industry will improve.

Final Words

These are a few of the current trends in the HR industry that companies must be aware of as they move forward. Connect with PeopleCentral, an all-in-one intuitive platform empowering human resources. With the increased importance of HR, get our outstanding services for your organizational growth.

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