Singapore Public Holiday 2024 Guide: Maximize Your Holiday Plans

In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with a detailed overview of Singapore’s public holidays for the year 2024. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive resource that not only informs you of the dates but also helps you plan your year effectively. Let’s dive into Singapore’s 2024 public holidays.

Long Weekend Plan: Singapore Public Holiday 2024

Out of the 11 public holidays, there are five that conveniently fall on a Monday or Friday, offering the perfect opportunity for a extended weekend to unwind or embark on a travel adventure. These are:

  • New Year’s Day: January 1, 2024 (Monday)
  • Chinese New Year: February 10, 2024 (Saturday); February 11, 2024 (Sunday); February 12, 2024 (Monday, substitute holiday)
  • Good Friday: March 29, 2024 (Friday)
  • Hari Raya Haji: June 17, 2024 (Monday)
  • National Day: August 9, 2024 (Friday)

Moreover, you have the flexibility to craft your own extended weekends by taking just one additional day off before or after the following public holidays:

  • Hari Raya Puasa: To enjoy a delightful four-day weekend, consider taking leave on either Tuesday, April 9, or Thursday, April 11.
  • Labour Day: Plan for a rejuvenating four-day weekend by taking leave on either Tuesday, April 30, or Thursday, May 2.
  • Vesak Day: Extend your break into a four-day weekend by taking leave on either Tuesday, May 21, or Thursday, May 23.
  • Deepavali: Enhance your leisure time with a four-day weekend by taking leave on Friday, November 1.
  • Christmas Day: Conclude the year with a splendid four-day weekend by taking leave on Thursday, December 26.

Singapore’s 2024 Public Holiday Calendar

1. New Year’s Day – January 1, 2024

The year kicks off with New Year’s Day, a time for celebration and reflection. It’s an ideal opportunity to set new goals and resolutions for the year ahead.

2. Chinese New Year – January 24, 2024, to January 25, 2024

The Chinese New Year is one of Singapore’s most significant celebrations. It marks the beginning of the lunar new year and is characterized by vibrant parades, delicious traditional food, and lively dragon dances.

3. Good Friday – April 19, 2024

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is observed with church services and reflection on the significance of this day.

4. Hari Raya Puasa – March 13, 2024

Hari Raya Puasa, also known as Eid al-Fitr, is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. It’s a time for feasting, prayer, and spending time with family and friends.

5. Labour Day-  May 1, 2024

Labor Day, is a day dedicated to honouring the achievements and contributions of workers. It is a time to celebrate and appreciate the labor force.

6. Vesak Day – May 11, 2024

Vesak Day is a Buddhist holiday that celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. Buddhists visit temples, light oil lamps, and engage in acts of charity on this day.

7. Hari Raya Haji – June 17, 2024

Hari Raya Haji, is a significant Islamic holiday that commemorates the culmination of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. It is a time for Muslims to reflect on the importance of sacrifice, compassion, and unity within the community.

8. National Day – August 9, 2024

Singapore’s National Day is a day of patriotism and celebration. It commemorates Singapore’s independence and is marked by the National Day Parade, fireworks, and various festivities.

9. Deepavali – October 30, 2024

Deepavali, also known as Diwali, is the Festival of Lights celebrated by Hindus. It signifies the triumph of light over darkness and is celebrated with oil lamps, colorful rangoli designs, and delicious sweets.

10. Christmas Day – December 25, 2024

Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday in Singapore, marked by festive decorations, gift-giving, and gatherings with loved ones.

Planning Your Year Around Public Holidays

Planning your year around these public holidays can help you make the most of your time in 2024. Here are some tips to have leisure activities or adventurous vacations on how to do that:

1. Book Your Vacations Early

With the public holiday dates in mind, it’s wise to plan your exciting vacations well in advance. This ensures you get the best deals on flights and accommodations.

2. Create a Budget

Budgeting for the holidays can help you manage your finances effectively. Allocate funds for gifts, travel, and entertainment so you can enjoy the excessive vacation days without financial stress.

3. Attend Cultural Festivals

Singapore’s diverse culture means there are various cultural festivals celebrated during these favourite times of the year. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture by attending these festivals.

4. Explore Local Cuisine

Use the holidays as a chance to explore Singapore’s culinary scene. Try traditional dishes specific to each festival, and you’ll discover a world of flavors.

5. Connect with Loved Ones

Holidays are the perfect time to strengthen bonds with family and friends. Plan gatherings and activities that allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

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In conclusion, Singapore’s 2024 public holidays offer a diverse range of cultural and religious celebrations. By planning your year around these holidays, you can make the most of your time in Singapore, create lasting memories, and experience the rich tapestry of this vibrant city-state. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Singapore’s 2024 public holidays have something special to offer everyone.


Ques 1. How can I best plan my vacations around Singapore’s 2024 public holidays?

Ans 1. To plan your vacations effectively, start by booking your travel and accommodations well in advance to secure the best deals. Additionally, create a budget for your holiday expenses and explore local festivals and cuisine to make the most of your time in Singapore.

Ques 2. How does People Central’s AI HRMS & Payroll Software Solution help with holiday planning?

Ans 2. People Central’s AI HRMS & Payroll Software Solution streamlines leave management, automates payroll processing, provides real-time workforce insights, and enhances employee engagement, making it easier for you to manage your work commitments during holidays.

Ques 3. What are the key cultural festivals celebrated in Singapore in 2024?

Ans 3. Singapore will celebrate various cultural festivals in 2024, including Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Vesak Day, Deepavali, and Christmas, each offering unique cultural experiences and traditions during these exciting times.

Ques 4. How can I connect with loved ones during the holidays?

Ans 4. You can strengthen bonds with loved ones by planning gatherings and activities that allow you to spend quality of ample time together. Exploring local festivals and cuisines is also a great way to create memorable experiences with family and friends on holiday weekends.

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