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Frequently Asked Questions

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People Operations in One Place

SMEPayroll is a comprehensive HRMS Solution. All-in-one platform empowering Human Resource Professionals across complete employee life cycles. From Acquiring Talent, Staff Onboarding, Developing, Retaining to Offboarding.
Yes, we do have a generated file to the CPF Portal for submission as well as IRAS for AIS (Auto Inclusion Scheme)
Yes, the bank interface files for all local and most foreign banks are supported. For banking transactions, the client will need to login to their respective bank portals to upload these files.
Yes, the solution has an Appraisal module included in the package.
Yes, the solution has a mobile app, available both for IOS and Android devices.
The system generates a GIRO file for Bank transfer. File can be uploaded in internet bank portal of your bank.
Yes, you can share company information with incoming employee and also collect information from employee before the employee even joins your company.
Yes, all assets issued to employees can be tracked for record purposes.
Yes, you can view the pay history of employee and their progression through your organization as well.
Yes, different employee groups can be assigned to different leave entitlements.
The employee view is rights based. You can restrict or open the information the employee can view as per your company policy.
Yes, file upload option is available.
Yes, employee can fill in their own details.
There are 3 types of leave models prominently which are fixed yearly, yearly of service & hybrid. The above 3 models have further sub classifications.
Yes, leaves can be carried forward as per your company policy.
Yes, (I am not sure if we can)
Yes, leaves can be pro-rated.
Yes, leave entitlement is editable in case any additions or deductions are to be made
Yes, our software has unique feature of half day leaves. It Can be applied via browser and mobile app as well.
Yes, under claim capping, user can manage the claim group, assign employees to claim groups, add capping amount as per monthly limit, yearly limit or per transaction limit.
Tax can be provisioned separately while submitting claim.
Claim can be applied from mobile app along with receipt upload.
Claims can be paid by both ways, added to salary or reimbursed from petty cash.
Yes, multiple claims can be submitted at the same time.
Yes, summary and detailed reports are provided before processing of payroll for checking and record keeping purposes.
Yes, software has provision to run bi-monthly payroll.
Yes, Payslip can be automatically sent by email to employees.
Yes, pay slip can be password protected.
The user can import the addition and deduction in excel file to the monthly payroll.
Appraisal template can be built by adding categories, objectives and scoring method as per your organization’s requirements.
Yes, first level of appraisal is open for self-evaluation by employees.
We can have up to 3 to 4 levels of evaluation in Appraisal module.
We provide both summary and detailed report for appraisal that can be printed out.
Yes, multiple shifts and patterns can be assigned to employees working at different projects and locations.
Yes, there is a provision for multiple OT rates in a single shift.
Yes, there is an attendance log in mobile app.
Yes, with mobile app we can geofence the location.
Yes, employees can view shifts allocated to them for the entire week on their mobile app.