5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing Human Resources

The scope and applications of Artificial Intelligence has increased radically over the past decade, paving the way to reinvent Human Resources. Keeping pace with rapid technology advancements, AI can now streamline critical tasks such as reasoning, speech recognition, problem-solving and sensory perception. This can help support HR managers in performing tedious tasks such as hiring, onboarding, talent management, payroll and much more.

PeopleCentral is an AI-enabled platform that helps streamline HR processes, empowering organisations to improve operational efficiency, acquire and retain the best talent pool, and reduce costs. Here are 5 ways we help reinvent Human Resources through Artificial Intelligence:

1. Effective decision-making through cognitive computing

According to IBM, cognitive computing is “an advanced system that learns at scale, reason with purpose and interacts with humans in a natural form.” It uses a blend of AI, machine learning, contextual awareness, sentiment analysis, neural networks and natural language processing to streamline day-to-day HR functions.

A study conducted by IBM reports 66% of CEOs acknowledging that cognitive computing can drive exponential value in Human Resources. Furthermore, 54% of HR executives agree that cognitive computing can influence major HR roles. Application of cognitive computing in HR may include assessing the mood of an employee, detecting anxiety level, etc.

2. Recruitment and onboarding becomes a breeze

AI-enabled platforms like PeopleCentral have streamlined the recruitment cycle significantly by using Artificial Intelligence to perform key functions such as skills matching, labour market analysis, bias detection in job descriptions and competency identification.

Key features such as resume screening, HR FAQ automation and HR Assistant Chatbots can help build effective communication with candidates, reducing a lot of effort and time-to-hire.

3. Actionable Insights and Resources

Artificial Intelligence empowers HR professionals with data-backed insights and resources gathered from employees directly. Using dipstick/pulse surveys, you can perform employee sentiment and behaviour analysis that allows the HR team to take required actions and render an experience your employees want.

4. Improving the Learning & Development Program

HR departments using AI-enabled systems like PeopleCentral tend to create adaptable and agile learning programmes that can help meet individual needs of employees. Adopting AI can help tailor the learning journey based on skill sets, job role, skill gaps, etc. Content matching based on relevancy, getting real-time responses, and coaching chatbots are other ways to improve learning & development through AI.

5. Employee Retention

AI can help detect the probability of an employee leaving the company by understanding their browsing patterns, experience, pay-scale, performance, attrition rate, keystrokes and outgoing emails. Based on the data, you can take measures to prevent the employee from leaving.

With intuitive and agile HR systems like PeopleCentral, we aim at reinventing Human Resources through AI.                  

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