Evolving HR with Chatbots

The fast-paced progress of Artificial Intelligence and automation continue to disrupt the way we work today – paving way for the age of machines. One of the major advancements that have been revolutionising organisational processes is chatbots. They are quicker, cheaper and more efficient than humans. Most importantly, chatbots come powered with natural language processing abilities and intelligence like humans. 

Unfortunately, the HR industry seems to be still struggling with adopting AI and chatbots in its processes. Only 22% of high-performing HR firms are leveraging Robotic Processes Automation in their businesses, while the rate of adoption is just 6% for low-performing HR organisations. As such, it has become imperative for the HR industry to step up and improve its workflow using chatbots.

How Chatbots Are Transforming the Human Resources Industry?

Chatbots and robotic technologies help automate repetitive, manual HR tasks – collecting, analysing and recording data while communicating with users in a manner as real humans would do. They provide lucrative opportunities to automate core HR processes and boost employee engagement.

Discussed here are some ways how chatbots are helping evolve key HR functions:

  • Chatbots for Hiring & Employee Onboarding

For bigger companies, hiring hundreds of new employees can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process. Chatbots can simplify the interview process and gather required data from applicants, perform background checks and give them instructions. HR bots can also be used for a seamless employee onboarding process. AI-powered bots can intelligently talk to new hires, provide them information about the organisation and their job roles, introduce them to the team, and much more.

  • Chatbots for Employee Training

Say goodbye to boring training sessions and PowerPoint presentations. Chatbots make employee training more engaging, interactive and effective.

  • Chatbots for Employee Appraisals & Feedback

If you still use pen and standard paper questionnaires to assess your employees or gather feedback, then switch to smart HR bots that provide instant performance review – allowing your team to be more motivated and productive.


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