How to Build Culture in Remote Teams?

The global health pandemic in 2020 had forced most businesses to adopt a remote work model. And with it comes the challenges of building good communication and positive work culture among the remote teams. Quite often, remote employees tend to be ignorant about work culture because the manager isn’t there, neither are co-workers. The line of communication may also be limited and unclear. Lack of work culture and positive engagement in your remote staff can be detrimental to the company’s workflow and productivity.

A robust and intuitive all-in-one HR system like PeopleCentral enables organisations to manage employee complete lifecycle, facilitate employee self-service and ensure improved satisfaction.

Discussed here are ways you can inculcate a positive work culture in your remote team:

1. Effective communication is the essence of positive work culture

Good communication is important to build a strong corporate culture remotely. The lines of communication should be open and clear, facilitating building a supportive team culture. When team members communicate regularly and collaborate, they tend to complete projects on time and are more successful working together. Effective communication can significantly affect the remote team’s productivity and overall effectiveness.    

2. Refine your new employee onboarding process

How you welcome recruits to the team play an integral role in building a positive work culture from the beginning. This is especially true for new employees you add to your remote team. Make time to introduce the new hire in front of the entire team. This will help them feel more comfortable and facilitates improved collaboration.

Automating your onboarding process and integrating it with PeopleCentral HR & Payroll Platform will enable you to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle and aid in precise payroll processing for improved satisfaction.

3. Invite Remote Teams for Regular Meetups

At least once a week, invite remote workers for casual meetings that not only focus on discussing business but also personal lives. It is a good way to bring all team members together on a platform, discuss their problems and achievements throughout the week, and allow everyone to have a casual time with their seniors and co-workers. PeopleCentral is an all-inclusive platform that streamlines HR operations and payroll processes, scheduling and appraisal management – helping improve employee satisfaction, foster a positive work culture and boost productivity.

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