Top Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Poor employment engagement continues to be one of the major challenges for businesses of any type. According to a study, only 36% of employees are engaged in the workplace! High levels of disengagement can be detrimental to the productivity and profitability of any company. Therefore, HR leaders should focus on bringing significant positive changes through effective employee engagement.

But why is employee engagement important? That is because organisations with a highly engaged workforce have 17% more productivity levels and 21% higher profitability than organisations that have a disengaged workforce.

Now that you know the importance of a highly engaged workforce, here are the best ways you can improve employee engagement at your company:

  • Assign the Right People in the Right Role

When employees are assigned to job roles they are not specialised in, it may lead to frustration, dissatisfaction and disengagement over time. As a crucial talent acquisition and retention strategy, ensure everyone is put in the right role in a way that aligns with company goals.

  • Focus on Training & Development

Building a company culture that fosters continuous professional development is important – not just to help develop the workers’ job skills but also to communicate that they are important for the organisation. According to Brad Shuck, the assistant professor at the University of Louisville, “The more the employee feels the company is investing in their future, the higher the level of engagement.”

  • Prioritise Feedback

One of the top “enablers” of high engagement level is employee feedback/voice. Their views must be listened to and acted on to build a positive engagement experience. There are several ways HR managers and senior leaders can seek employee feedback, such as online surveys, but it is equally important for them to act on it.

  • Appraisals are Important to Recognise Employees for Good Work Done

Employee evaluations and appraisals play an important role in building loyalty and high engagement levels. This is because employees crave feedback and appreciation for their effort and regular appraisals can help reinforce their trustworthiness for the company. 

  • Use an Automated HR System

Empower your HR managers with advanced tools that enable them to streamline operations and help build a powerful engagement experience for the employees.

PeopleCentral is an all-inclusive HR system that not only makes it simpler & hassle-free for employees to manage activities like filing leaves & taxes, submitting claim applications, checking work schedules and more. On the other hand, it provides the HR team with an all-in-one tool that makes managing appraisals, leaves, claims, timesheets and payroll a seamless experience. Together, these helps deliver an improved employee experience and better engagement.   

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