Selecting the Right HR System for Your Organization

Bid farewell to mundane HR management chores and prevent manual errors with an HR system that automates and accelerates the entire process. When you choose the right human resource management system for your organisation, it can help streamline the processes, improve your bottom line and help achieve a high return on your investment.

However, selecting the most suitable HR software can be painstaking. It is a time-intensive and expensive commitment to your organisation. Therefore, you need to do your due diligence in evaluating and choosing the right system. PeopleCentral is an AI-enabled platform that manages complete employee life cycles and empowers your HR team.

Is the HR system all-inclusive?

There are innumerable functions of an HR team – recruiting, onboarding, talent management, payroll, learning & development, performance appraisal, timesheet, leaves & claims, etc. Ensure the HR software helps automate and manage these integral functions, reducing manual effort, minimizing errors and expediting the processes.

PeopleCentral is an all-in-one intuitive system that allows you to manage all HR functions on a single platform. Simple and easy-to-use dashboard with all HR processes in one place!

HR automation should be the primary focus   

From claims management to payroll, appraisals, leaves, scheduling, surveys, and more – the HR system should automate functions to improve productivity, reduce costs and ensure employee satisfaction. Our HR management solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence that can be customized to your unique needs and used to automate your core human resource functions.

For instance, our PayrollCentral automates the entire Payroll management process, allowing your HRM team to leverage MOM and CPF regulations, IRAS, QuickBooks, Xero and Bank Giro, Electronic submissions, Madsoft, itemized payslips, etc.

Augmenting Employee Experience (EX) is the Future of Human Resources

Our HR system isn’t just about streamlining human resource management processes; it is also about generating higher levels of employee engagement throughout the lifecycle. From instructing to inspiring, informing and involving the employees, PeopleCentral helps create positive touchpoints that can help improve overall Employee Experience. The results – better productivity, higher retention, happier employees!   

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