The Best Employee Onboarding Practices to Follow

Did you know that 90% of employees decide whether or not to stay with the company within the first 6 months of getting started? Studies suggest that an inspiring and efficient onboarding experience can play a pivotal role in influencing employee decisions. Unfortunately, most organisations haste the process and do not have onboarding best practices in place.

PeopleCentral helps automate and streamline the process through our AI-enabled and intuitive HR and payroll system. Learn how we can help your organisation implement onboarding best practices and transform your new hires to lasting employees.

Provision your new hires before they get started

Trust us; if your new recruits receive a silent treatment from accepting your employment offer to starting their job, you are already turning them off. As a vital onboarding process, start making them feel comfortable with your company by sending an email or a phone call for a small introduction.

AI Central is smart, intuitive and responsive. For quick provisioning of new hires, it can make calls and ask questions – using Artificial Intelligence to analyse voice and the meaning of answers and converting them into texts. This helps save your valuable time and your new recruits also start taking themselves as a part of the company.

“How was your first day at work?” Make it memorable for them

A memorable first impression can go a long way in building long-lasting employee relationships. Instead of indulging them in complex paperwork the first day, get them onboard with their manager, colleagues and processes. Make the experience more enjoyable for them rather than cumbersome.

Our AI-powered onboarding technology takes new hires on an enticing journey through their workstation, office mates, formalities and processes.

Create a well-structured work schedule to start with

When you have a tightly structured work schedule for your new recruits, it will never leave them wondering “what I am doing here?” Having worked in hand in the first couple of weeks will keep them motivated all along.

PeopleCentral Scheduler allows you to seamlessly create roaster and schedule jobs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.  

To implement employee onboarding best practices, get started with PeopleCentral.

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