The Future of Human Resources is Automation

Talent shortages, staying compliant with fast-evolving laws & regulations and technological advancements are the top three concerns of HR today. To keep pace with the changes and stay competitive, HR leaders need to consider automating laborious and repetitive functions – while focusing their time on more strategic roles.  

Accept it or not, automation is the future of HR systems! Traditionally, HR managers tend to juggle too many things at a time, mostly which are manual. But all that is changing. Automation has already invaded the HR space and pretty soon it will disrupt the entire industry, automating everything that can be automated.   

According to experts, discussed here are some fields of HR that will witness sea changes with automation in the future.

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

HR Chatbots can perform initial job interviews and follow up to keep a high-potential candidate engaged in the recruitment process. The bots are AI-powered and add an automated yet human element to talent acquisition. They work as virtual HR assistant that is available 24/7 to answer the candidate’s queries in real-time.

Not only this, automated HR agents can perform parallel conversations and take multiple new employees onboard – without the HR manager getting involved in real-time. This streamlines the process, ensures satisfaction and also saves time for HR.

Automated HR platforms like PeopleCentral take it a notch higher by managing diverse aspects of getting a recruit onboard – automatically creating an account with the bank, salary transfer, auto-creation of CPF, payroll integration, and much more.

Smooth HR Workflows

Managing leaves & claims, calculating tax deductions, tracking attendance, scheduling timesheet, etc. – all are cumbersome HR processes that consume much time & effort. Future HR systems will be powered to automate these functions, reducing errors and improving workflow.

Payroll Management

This is one field of HR that will see revolutionary changes as a result of automation. Fully automated payroll systems will integrate MOM, CPF and IRAS regulations; facilitate electronic submissions; aid in third-party integration; provide itemised payslips. This can help save significant time and cost.

As HR challenges multiply, organisations need to take automation seriously. Robust and intuitive HR platforms like PeopleCentral can help automate routine administrative functions, streamline HR workflows, reduce costs and help stay compliant.    

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