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What is Onboarding Automation and Why You Need It

Onboarding is a process of inducting new employees into your organization, and when you use automation to streamline the related workflow process, it is called onboarding automation. It reflects a range of tasks and features across the company data, apps, and various teams.

There are a series of tasks that an organization must complete, and automation can while they are recruiting. These include

  • Providing the candidates with applications and equipment
  • Scheduling meetings and interviews
  • Organizing and supplying related documents
  • Arranging mentors
  • Creating a survey /opinion poll to gather feedback on the process.

Reasons why you should automate Onboarding

1) Efficient onboarding improves employee retention

Automating employee onboarding helps businesses flourish as it saves money, resources, and time while increasing employee retention rates. Automation eliminates any possibility of human error and also reduces many of the administrative tasks related to recruitment.

2) Onboarding is cost-effective

Every organization strives to save money and time. Onboarding automation lowers the employee’s role to input a new recruit’s data., i.e., what was previously done manually by different heads is now automated. Automation also reduces the time taken to register the employee details enabling them to start their work faster. Automation also saves stationery and space.

3) Increases productivity

Automation does not replace human employment. It only ushers in efficiency and agility, inspiring the newly hired employee. When there is new recruitment, there are multiple tasks existing employees must attend to with paperwork. Possibility of mistakes and errors can delay not only the recruitment process but also unnerve the recruit. When onboarding is disorganized and ineffectual, it affects and frustrates a newcomer. However good the perks and financial remuneration, they would want to move away from such companies at the earliest.

4) Simplifies paperwork

Some organizations ask for a lot of applications and forms to be completed by the new employees. Automation eliminates duplication and redundancy. You feed some information and it will automatically apply the same wherever the same questions come up.  


Employee onboarding automation removes the age-old complaint of a chaotic, stressful, and time-consuming process. Automation is efficient and fast and gives the recruit confidence and motivation to be equally agile and energetic.


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