Expert Opinions on the Rise and Applications of HR Chatbots

Many factors are influencing the fast-growing application of HR chatbots in organisations. Today, the workforce is geographically dispersed, fuelling the demand for the right tools that aid in improved employee performance & productivity. Employee experience and engagement level in the organisation are expected to influence product or service quality and consumer experience. In this scenario, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has established its potential to automate routine HR processes and improve the employee experience.

Here are the opinions of experts on the growth and application of HR chatbots:

Enhance Candidate Experience Using Chatbots

Imagine where a candidate aspires to work with your organisation and apply for a job excitedly. They would expect to hear back from you soon but they don’t. This is perhaps because you did not get the time to respond to the job application. This results in disappointed candidates. However, this need not be like this. HR software plays a pivotal role in empowering HR chatbots to streamline tasks, enhance communication, and provide personalized assistance to employees and candidates.

HR chatbots help address these situations by emulating an employer environment and providing customised answers to candidates’ queries. According to Sahil Sahni, Co-founder of AllyO, an AI-recruiting solutions provider, “No organisation has enough recruiters or humans. Chatbots thus serves as a close second to having a human-like HR coordinator that engages applicants and employees in a personalised way, learning from them via artificial intelligence.”

Chatbots ensure zero loss of human touch from the recruitment process where candidates can provide their data and undertake initial screening. A list of shortlisted candidates is then provided to the employer for final consideration. 

Impart Training & Learning Using HR Chatbots          

One of the primary roles of an HR leader is to integrate employee training in the workflow and deliver it in easy-to-understand, bite-sized formats. And chatbots can help streamline this process. It’s short & crisp, delivered on the go and in a format your employees are familiar with.

“The sales and HR teams at Kohler India recently launched a sales training bot that Kohler’s team members can access via the Facebook Messenger app. Today, it provides on-demand product information and training. But the more employees use it, the faster the AI will ‘learn’ about individual employees, enabling it to be more proactive in sharing content.

For example, the chatbot will administer and assess training needs for individual sales associates. If it discovers one employee is struggling with a specific lesson, it will provide helpful information without forcing the employee and his/her manager to schedule a meeting” – CEO of Botworx.ai, Mahi d Silva, gave an example of how employee training is delivered using chatbots.

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