Five Things Every CEO Should Do in Support of HR

The role of HR has evolved over the past decade. As more businesses have gone global and compliance requirements become complex – the job of an HR leader has transformed from being a personnel administrator to a key player in the company’s growth.

Here are top 5 ways how CEO should support HR team, especially in the post-pandemic scenario:

1. Bring HR into the Direct Line of Communication 

HR has always taken a backseat at the C-suite conference table, not reporting to the CEO directly. But over the past 10 years, these lines of communication are changing as “more and more companies have realized how critical the HR role really is and have learned that…if HR wasn’t reporting to the CEO before, it certainly should be now,” said David Lewis- CEO of OperationsInc, a HR consulting firm.

2. Know When to Delegate & When to Lead

Not all functions should be delegated to the people’s leader. There are some roles where CEOs must take a lead, such as designating how and when employees work in their office vs. at home. CEOs cannot designate these functions to HR because the latter is people’s leader. They are the ears and eyes of the organizational culture and advice the CEO to take actions.

Therefore, a CEO should know when to delegate and when to lead. Support HR in their functions and make decisions. Do not give them the pain of leading in a scenario where they do not get support from the CEO.

3. Cut Out the Middleman

Modern businesses must adhere to a fast-evolving set of compliances to stay in business – from worker’s safety to federal discrimination laws. Human resources is about everyone in the organisation, and the latter tends to face increased liabilities if the team does not report to the CEO.

Instead of the HR manager reporting directly to the CEO, the problem gets filtered through others in the middle. And when it reaches the CEO, it may be watered down – slowing the resolution process or opening up legal claims. Therefore, cut the middleman and get the story straight from the HR leader.

4. Trust HR Leader as an Advisor

See your HR manager not just as a people leader, but an advisor you can trust. They should function in alignment with the company’s shared values and philosophy. A trusted advisor can help improve a CEO’s leadership abilities and strengthen cultural values. 

4. Promote Digitalization

Ensure your HR leader has the choice of technology they need to support the culture, improve employee experience, and scale the business as it evolves gradually.

Adopting intuitive and robust HR system like PeopleCentral can help streamline operations, improve communication, and empower CEOs to deliver enhanced employee experience as the company grows.

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