Women’s Leadership Development Program Impact

According to IBM’s women in leadership study, only 1 in 4 organisations considers the advancement of women as their top 10 priority. The number of women in leadership positions has barely improved in the past 2 years. Most concerning, only fewer women are in the pipeline to fill executive roles in 2021. Despite constraining progress, organisations that are adopting women in leadership are making significant breakthroughs.

Studies suggest that organisations that leverage the potential of women in leadership roles reap the benefits of more innovativeness, improved customer satisfaction and higher revenue growth. So, organisations should prioritise investing more time and money in women’s leadership development programs.  

Accelerate Growth through Women Leadership Development Programs

Women represent a higher workforce rate than men but when it comes to executive roles, they are under-represented. Research indicates that having a diverse executive team in the upper tiers helps drive improved performance. Women leadership development programs can help build new capabilities in the women workforce and leverage their strengths to see dramatic results.

Coaching women can help identify and enhance their corporate visibility, business acumen and personal effectiveness. A tailored development plan and one-on-one coaching empower women to achieve their full potential, challenge themselves and implement best practices. A woman in a managerial or senior leadership position also plays an integral role in developing future women leaders.

Women leadership development programs should include:

  • One-to-one coaching individualised coaching
  • Opportunities for senior leadership support
  • Access to self-assessment tools
  • Individual development plan
  • Work-life balance support programme

Focus on creating research-backed, human-centred women’s leadership development plans which are available in-person and virtually. From top-to-bottom solutions customised to support women talent in your organisation to scalable programmes that help strengthen a culture of inclusiveness and equity – leadership training can help organizations better support, promote and retain high-potential women.

Women in leadership coaching programmes should be considered as a business issue and taken more seriously to reap the long-term benefits. Empower women at your organisation and streamline professional development using automated HR platform. 

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