Top Emerging Performance Management Trends

The way we work is evolving rapidly. Technological innovations have changed how businesses are managed today. A majority of the workforce comprises millennials today. The future is here! But we aren’t talking about robots or flying cars – we are only referring to the emerging performance management trends which is constantly changing the way organisations work today, manage processes and treat their employees.

Here are the top performance management trends that will drive the industry in 2022.

Delivering a “Human” Experience

Starting from the “employee” experience, the HR trend has journeyed a long way to evolve as the “human” experience. It focuses on adding value to an employee’s work and personalising the way they work. Especially during these tough times when a majority of human resources are forced to work from home and fulfil their responsibilities whatever be the obligations.

PeopleCentral is an all-in-one intuitive platform that is designed for efficient talent management, learning & development and performance appraisal – all aiding in improved performance and higher employee satisfaction.

Ongoing Feedback Will be the Buzzword

Do you know that a majority of employees are dissatisfied with their organisation’s appraisal system? Therefore, gone are the days of annual reviews. 2022 and beyond will see a significant rise in ongoing feedback that can bring dramatic changes in performance management. Timely and accurate feedback will help drive a higher level of motivation – improving performance and deliverables in the long run.

PeopleCentral’s HRCentral allows you to customise the appraisal system, set & monitor goals, identify the top talents and provide continuous feedback based on employee evaluations.

Performance Management Powered by Critical Data

The future will see organisations using more data to draw valuable insights regarding employee performance. When employee performance management is driven by data, it helps establish an objective process and prevent biases from impacting all aspects – from employee appraisal to feedback to motivation and performance.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Anxiety and depression are two primary factors resulting in loss of productivity. Hence, there will be a greater shift towards integrating mental health support programs into performance management practices. By automating and streamlining HR and payroll system, PeopleCentral can help organisations leverage the latest trends in performance management.

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