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Work-Life Balance and WorkPlace Culture.
Balanced employees tend to experience less stress hence become more motivated, and attain a greater sense of wellbeing. Encouraging work-life balance and work-life integration in the workplace not only has immediate benefits for the business but also long-term rewards with the increased productivity and talent retention.
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Can A Career Break Benefit Your Resume?

It used to be that having a gap on your resume was considered taboo.

These days, it is becoming more acceptable for professionals to take a career break to pursue their passions, care for others, volunteer, travel, or consider a career transition.

Millennials, who makeup 35% of the global workforce, are leading the way with this new mindset.A recent report by Manpower Group shows that 84% of Millennials foresee significant career breaks along the way. This trend reinforces the idea that "career waves” are replacing the “career ladder” of earlier generations. Taking a break from work doesn’t have to be a blemish on your resume.

One such experience we would like to share through one of the stories series - Women@PeopleCentral

Featuring Bhagayashree who had a 10-year break before she joined #PEOPLECENTRAL and how she adjusted back into work