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Work-Life Balance and WorkPlace Culture.
Balanced employees tend to experience less stress hence become more motivated, and attain a greater sense of wellbeing. Encouraging work-life balance and work-life integration in the workplace not only has immediate benefits for the business but also long-term rewards with the increased productivity and talent retention.
HR Work Stories

Work Life Balance

Singapore has been ranked the most overworked city in the world for consecutive years!

Based on an international study by Kisi. Singapore also ranked 9th place from the bottom in 2020 for work-life balance among 50 other cities.

One such experience we would like to share through one of the stories series - Women@PeopleCentral

Featuring Sweta Priya, who shares her experience in work-life balance @ #PEOPLECENTRAL

So much has been talked about work-life balance, but is it really possible?

With the evolving nature of jobs and work, the concept of work-life balance seemed elusive. It’s difficult for a woman to juggle both work and life perfectly. Each one of us can have our own way to find that harmony. My way to attain this harmony is by having an extremely productive day at work, ending on time, and then spending the rest of the time with family and friends.

I believe, the key is to remain fluid while scheduling your life and to continuously assess your goals and priorities. The clearer the priorities, the easier it is to maintain the balance between work and life.

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