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Work-Life Balance and WorkPlace Culture.
Balanced employees tend to experience less stress hence become more motivated, and attain a greater sense of wellbeing. Encouraging work-life balance and work-life integration in the workplace not only has immediate benefits for the business but also long-term rewards with the increased productivity and talent retention.
HR Work Stories

When does an employee contribute to the organization's vision?

The way people feel about the work they do and the values they believe in plays a crucial role in forming the workplace culture of any company.

It also affects the perspective of one looking at things and collaborating towards the one common goal.Employees feel a sense of belonging when they see where the company is going and how they contribute to getting it there. Eventually, this reflects the positive work culture where one always looks forward to coming to their workplace and grow.

One such experience we would like to share through one of the stories series - Women@PeopleCentral

What, according to you, determine or reflect a positive company culture? Do care to share your thoughts!