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5 New Employees Onboarding Challenges to Overcome

The growth and development of any business enterprise depend on the seamless onboarding of deserving and capable clients. Hence, it is the responsibility of the HR and manager of an organisation to make sure that the employee onboarding process takes place in a seamless manner.

According to Brandon Hall Group, employee productivity can experience a boost of a whopping 70% because of successful employee onboarding.

That’s why the HRs and managers should together keep an eye on the entire recruitment process and try to overcome the following challenges:

  • Too much information on day 1: On day 1, a new recruit will feel ecstatic, nervous or overwhelmed. Therefore, it is almost impossible for him to grasp every minute details about the company on the very first day. To avoid confusions, it is better to go digital by using a seamless employee onboarding process, like PeopleCentral. Their job is to cut down on the endless paperwork and offer a smooth recruitment experience.
  • Wrong assumptions about the new hires: Assuming that the new recruits are full of talent and that they will deliver spectacular performance every single time is completely wrong. Be by their side and offer them training from time to time to prevent knowledge drain.
  • Improper conveyance of message to the new recruits: HR needs to ensure that the team leaders discuss things in detail with the newly hired employees. It is common for new recruits to be confused about their role in the organisation.
  • Unfamiliar with primary applications: Multiple applications are put to use every day at an organisation. It is useless to expect all your employees to have a grip over all these applications. Connect with PeopleCentral to arrange for engaging and fruitful new recruits training.
  • Right onboarding content for the right roles: Each new recruit should get specific training that matches their role. For instance, the salesperson should not get the training of accounts department.

Connect with PeopleCentral today to make the employee onboarding process seamless and smooth for your business organisation. The digital solution and guidance that we offer are simply impeccable and enhance the overall process and productivity.


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