5 Ways to Automate the Employee Onboarding Process

Onboarding is an integral HR function, crucial for the success of both new hires and the organisation. A strategically-defined onboarding process is important to help improve employee retention, boost engagement, and increase productivity. Unfortunately, only 12% of employees believe that their organisation has a great onboarding process in place. That means 88% of organisations do not onboard efficiently.

But why?

Employee onboarding does not need to be a dreadful task as most HR teams consider. Having an automated HR software such as PeopleCentral can help ease most of the complex onboarding tasks, making the entire process more effective and engaging for everyone.

Discussed here are 5 ways you can automate employee onboarding:

1. Digital Documentation and Tracking Helps Reduce Manual Bottlenecks

Our automated HR system efficiently manages pre-processing, onboarding and continuous employee management. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, PeopleCentral helps sort all new applications with surveys, sets, and pre-employment guidance. Dynamic forms allow applicants to fill up all details on the go while you can automatically store, share and update all records as and when needed. This further aids in seamless auditing and compliance.

2. Streamline Remote Employee Onboarding and Training      

The global pandemic has forced organisations to implement work-from-home policies for employees. This has further challenged core tasks like document generation and training, especially for new hires. Thankfully, virtual onboarding via an automated HR system can guide new recruits through all formalities and processes of the company.

3. Monitor the Progress of New Hires Automatically

An automated onboarding system allows HR managers to track the progress of the new recruits as they undergo the virtual onboarding process. It can automatically capture vital metrics and provide actionable reports as the candidates move through the system.

4. Seamlessly Integrate with your Business Applications

Integrating the automated HR system with legacy finance applications or ERP systems ensures all data can be seamlessly transferred from one system to another while reducing manual error. PeopleCentral features advanced integration capabilities, allowing data and documents to be easily actioned and minimising bottlenecks.

5. Collaborate

Using automated HR systems for new employee onboarding paves the way for effective collaboration and communication with other team members. This ensures an improved onboarding experience and better engagement.

Streamline your onboarding process and improve productivity with PeopleCentral.  

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