Best Practices for Employee Offboarding Process

Offboarding, though often overlooked, is a crucial phase of the employee lifecycle. The process is cumbersome and dreary due to which many organisations tend to avoid employee offboarding. However, last impressions do matter. An effective offboarding process helps generate valuable insights, prevent negative buzz and give your employees a graceful exit. For an all-in-one, AI-powered HR solution, choose PeopleCentral and automate the employee offboarding process from beginning to end.  

Discussed here are employee-offboarding best practices that may help add value to your business. Our intuitive and intelligent HR platform streamlines every step of employee offboarding, ensuring complete peace of mind.   

1. Gain Insights

A crucial step of employee offboarding is the exit interview. It is the best way to get honest feedback from the departing employees who would otherwise not express their views while working with the company. Understanding why the employee is leaving should not be the sole focus of the exit interview; rather, get insights on how to create an inspiring and better work environment for all.

AI Central is a software application powered by Artificial Intelligence that makes employee exits and offboarding a seamless process. It allows you to collect employee feedback at a speed that is 10 to 100x faster than humans. This can help you save time in gathering feedback and keeping track of it, especially when there are thousands of employees in your company. 

2. Knowledge Transfer

During the exit of an employee, it is their responsibility to train or brief another person on how the job should be done. This is known as knowledge transfer and is a critical step of the employee offboarding process.

AI Central by PeopleCentral is AI-powered and capable of performing numerous tasks to facilitate streamlined exit interviews and knowledge transfer. The software application is designed to make calls, ask questions, send instructional letters and much more to help save your time and effort in employee offboarding.

3. Ensure Compliance

Minimise security risks by implementing a proper offboarding process and ensuring compliance. Suppose an employee still has access to their company account even after their departure. It can potentially lead to data breaches if not taken seriously. Therefore, it is important to have effective legal compliance measures in place.

An automated, AI-enabled HR system such as PeopleCentral can help enforce necessary regulatory compliances to minimise risks while ensuring the employees have a graceful exit.

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