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How To Successfully Onboard Remote Employees

Employee onboarding comprises several steps that enable the new hires to know their team and understand their motives, techniques, practices, and tools. Remote employee onboarding is also similar, but the new hire will not be working from the company’s office but some other remote location.

Here are a few tips for remote employee onboarding

1. Develop a fortnight plan

It might take longer for the remote workers to onboard because they aren’t in an office with others. Designing a plan, setting up few meetings per day with agendas, video links, etc., will help lessen the stress new hires might have. It will also ensure the candidates meet everyone in the organization over video and understand the processes and projects they will be handling.

2.  Start on a low scale

Create plans for the recruit’s first 30 days. Entrust them with work that requires constant collaboration with other team members. It will help them get familiar with your existing employees and accustom them to the working style and environment. Assign more responsible tasks and roles in the second month and the third month. If everything goes as per expectations, assign independent projects with deadlines from the next month. It will do much good if you explain your expectations and measure success in the first three months.

3. Onboard in groups

Onboarding in groups instead of individual exercises will minimize the effort and redundancy in training them. It will be reassuring to the recruits that they are not alone and creates a sense of community. Allocate a team to make the recruits feel at home while introducing one another and another group for technical support. 

4. Build personal connections

Instruct your team to reach out to the new hires and talk for some time to build a relationship. There could be some surprises where one can find an old neighbour or schoolmate.

Conclusion: Employee onboarding is essential and beneficial for both the newcomers as well as the employer. While the recruits can understand and adapt to the new environment, the employer gets the chance to share all the elements that will help the recruits successfully learn about their responsibilities in the company.


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