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Primary Objectives Of Open HRMS Software

An open HRMS is an all-inclusive suite for human resource management. The software offers various features that empower an organisation to make sound decisions related to resource activities. The key feature of the system is the offering of a centralised database. This handles all the HR-related functions, in an impeccable manner.

Why chose HRMS

Open HRMS is becoming popular day by day because of its accessibility. The user-friendly and seamless interface helps the HR department to manage, track and evaluate employee-related metrics. Furthermore, the software now comes with automated tools and mobile app that help automate the most tedious HR management functions, saving time and money.

Benefits of HRMS

Another main benefit of the open HRMS is the management of HR functions through a single database. The software is fully equipped to handle small and complicated operations of HR management. Also, the data is cloud-based which means the data can be accessed across different devices and platforms.

Open HRMS will wipe out the workload of human resource managers. Ensuring productivity and profit, the cloud-based HRMS will decrease the time consumed in tedious tasks such as creating sheets, evaluating data, etc. The software also comes with a customisation feature that offers the flexibility of working and managing critical information.


While there are plenty of features to explore in the HRMS, the key functions are focused across a better work experience. The employees can contribute to their complete potential and become productive using the software. The open HR management platform can also handle all the complexities of human resources while eradicating errors and validating reports.

When it comes to interface, there are hardly any loopholes. The interactive platform offers a fish-eye view of the entire organisation. Backed by interactive front and back-end tools, the system is a robust technological tool.

Key roles

Some of the key roles managed by the HRMS include payroll attendance, leave ,timesheet, employee dashboards, appraisal, payslips, employee claims management, and HR administration. The open HRMS uses separate modules that perform different HR functions to manage these.


If you want to realise the potential of an open HRMS solution, there is no better place to look than PeopleCentral. The company offers professional integration, implementation, training, support and maintenance of open HRMS for different-level enterprises.


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