Five Employee On-Boarding Tools You Need

Experts say that it is the first few hours after joining that an employee takes to decide if he (or she) wants to be there or leave. Retention of employees is equally important as hiring them! Therefore, the process of integrating a new employee into your organization and familiarizing them with the company policies, culture, and work environment matters the most. What’s unfortunate is that more than eighty percent of employees believe that their employee onboarding processes were unfavorable and unsuitable.

But that’s just the gist; in reality, employee onboarding involves numerous other titbits, including making the employee comfortable enough to socialize and communicate freely with their colleagues and building functional social relationships in the organization. It also involves completing all the necessary paperwork required and enlightening them with skills, attitude, and style of communication that is expected of them while they work in the organization. 

As the famous author of ‘How to Hire and Keep Great People,’ Mitch Gray says, “There is an art to developing people.” We all need to become great entrepreneurs by investing in tools that help with the onboarding process hassle-free.

Five employee onboarding tools 

People Central

As an AI-enabled HR platform, People Central helps medium and small businesses with their various needs such as Payroll system management, recruitment management, hiring managers, and much more. As a complete solution, the tool is responsible for HR automation and Remote work solution.


A widely-renowned interactive platform, Eduflow is a purposely designed tool to build a free online course to educate employees about the organization. You can use explanatory videos and PPTs for better understandings. 


No company can grow without sustaining refreshing talents. Clear Company is a mobile-friendly tool that provides to-do lists when a new employee is hired. From documentation to company tours, from socialization to performance & execution after days, the tool is a perfect guide to welcome employees with full warmth. 


One of the best used by some of the largest companies, Zenefits, makes it easier for teams to manage their employee benefits with the HR automation features they offer, whether they are working remotely or from the office. 


Undoubtedly the essential tool for onboarding new employees, Organimi simplifies creating and sharing data for newer employees and makes it easier for recent employees to understand and indulge in the workforce.

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