How Has the Role of HR Changed with Automation in the Workplace?

The presence of AI in our personal and professional lives has brought about massive changes in workplaces, especially regarding the functioning of the HR department. According to a survey undertaken by HR executives to understand the impact of AI on HR, it was discovered that 46% of them believe that AI will transform their talent acquisition capability, and 49% believe that it will change their payroll and benefit the administration. 

Understanding AI

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that builds intelligent machines to work with typical human-like intelligence. The AI can handle and process large volumes of data through high-speed computation using complex machine algorithm. 

Many global leaders and CEOs envision the integration of AI with HR as it may prove beneficial in the long run. Continue reading the blog to understand how effective the integration can be!

Automation Of Tasks

Are you spending a lot of time on recruitment that could have been used in other creative actions? Well, those times are now over as the use of AI in recruitment will save a lot of your time to focus on creative areas of business. 

AI ranks potential candidates for the job concerning a set of data collected through a questionnaire filled by the job applicant. While hiring, AI can also predict candidates’ future performance using past credentials and interviews. 

Handling Data

The days of using a data analyst are gone with the capability of AI to handle and organise enormous amounts of data that guide organisations’ decisions. Big companies use data to predict future outcomes and plan their strategy accordingly. AI plays an essential role in collecting, storing and calculating complex data in a matter of seconds. 

Training And Administration

A lot of training of new employees by HR teams are taken over by AI processes. Webinars, recorded lectures and apps are helping employees to learn their job whenever they are free. The tedious task of organising large-scale meetings by keeping in mind the availability of all is replaced by easy access to such apps and recorded programmes. 


Now that you understand how the integration of HR system and AI will lead to long-term benefits in the future, you may consider looking at incorporating AI technology in your organisation.

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